HPHT Consistometer

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Consistometer

Consistometer 40-600The CTE Pressurized Consistometers, Model 40-600 Is specifically designed to measure cement slurries in strict compliance with ISO-10426, API Spec 10A and API RP-10B Schedules. The Model 40-600 Consistometer have wide pressure and temperature operating ranges up to 40,000 psi (275MPa) and 600° F (315°C). With high pressures and temperatures applied to the cement, it is possible to simulate a variety of conditions found in actual down-hole well cementing.

Features :

  • Embedded processor for temperature control and data acquisition.
  • 12 inch color touch-screen for display of testing parameters and access to programmable features.
  • Digital temperature indication.
  • Easy network setup for remote viewing in real-time.
  • Standard with magnetic drive.
  • Adjustable alarm for viscosity levels.
  • Cooling jacket on pressure vessels.
  • Oil reservoir cooling.
  • Standard computer-industry electronics assure quality performance.