Batch Mixer


  • Twin rounded 2 x 50 bbl batch mixer tanks built into a single piece standard skid with offshore crash frame and top lift.
  • The twin 5 x 6 Centrifugal mixing and circulating pump can be used on either of the individual 50 bbl tanks. Agitators are industry standard “Poclain” driven with a Denison open loop hydraulic system of pumps and motors.
  • Detroit Diesel 6V-92TA diesel power of 300hp with hydraulic pumps and motors provide adequate power for all mixing operations.
  • Engine monitoring and control is also incorporated in to the power pack control panel.
  • Mixing will be through a 3 x 1-1/2 inch venturi type mud mixing nozzle with mixing hopper or option of direct 5 inch bulk hose inlet.


Detroit Diesel 6V-92TA rated for 320 bhp at 2100 RPM or 300 hp at 1800 RPM – continuous duty. Engine is fully over- hauled and dyno tested complete with following specification:

  • Air Inlet System – Air Cleaner , Emergency Shut Down Flapper.
  • Cooling System  - Thermostat and housing, full open temp = 92˚C, outlet regulated. Jacket water pump, gear driven, centrifugal, radiator and blower fan.
  • Exhaust System – Exhaust manifolds, dry cooled. Exhaust Elbows – dry and loose supply one each 5 inch spark arrestor exhaust muffler.
  • Flywheel & Housing – SAE 1 standard rotation.
  • Fuel System – Fuel Filter Primary and secondary, RH with service indicators, fuel transfer pump, fuel priming pump. Flexible fuel lines.
  • Instrumentation – Panel with engine controls, oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, service meter.
  • Lube System – Crankcase breather., oil filter in valve cover and dip stick, oil filter.
  • Engine Starting – IR air starter with air relay.