HPHT Filter Press

Filter PressThe High Pressure-High Temperature Filter Presses are used for testing the filtration properties of drilling fluids, and cement slurries. High-pressure high-temperature filter presses provide an efficient means of evaluating the filtration properties of drilling fluids at high pressures and temperatures.  It can be operated at pressures up to 1200 psi (8274 Kpa) on the cell and 750 psi (5171 kPa) on the back pressure receiver may be obtained using the Nitrogen manifolds, with the nitrogen regulator assemblies. The nitrogen manifolds are provided with safety relief valves set at 1200 psi (8274 kPa) for the cell and 750 psi (5171 kPa) for the back pressure receivers.

These filter presses may be operated at temperatures up to 200 oF (93 oC) using a graduated cylinder to collect filtrate. For temperatures above 200 oF (93 oC ), a back pressure receiver must be used to prevent boiling of the filtrate.


Features :

  • Optional dual nitrogen manifold with adjustable pressure regulators.
  • Maximum operating pressure to 2,500 psi.
  • Maximum operating temperature to 500°F.
  • Conforms to API Spec. 10 and Spec. 13, ISO 10426.
  • Fail-safe pressure relief system.